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Victoria Maus, Peaceful Parent Coach

I believe that parenting is one of the most rewarding things you ever do, and also one of the most impactful. 

As we model how to treat others with love, deal with conflict and respect our boundaries we are setting some firm foundations for our child’s life. 
Parenting our children with love, kindness and respect can change the world, as our children will go through life with these same values.

How Can Peaceful Parent Coaching Help?

Peaceful parent coaching has many benefits and is not just for parents! Peaceful parent coaching can be applied by anyone in a role caring for children, whether personally or professionally.


Space to talk

One-to-one coaching gives parents some much-needed space and time out from parenting. It offers a safe space to talk through anything currently impacting on family life.

A Different Perspective

A peaceful parenting approach is often different to how most parents were raised, so coaching can help to reframe a child’s behaviour offering a different perspective.

Develop Strategies

Instead of just focusing on one or two issues, one-to-one coaching will help parents to develop parenting strategies to use in all situations throughout a child’s life.


Raising a child can bring up trauma from a parent’s childhood. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy but it can be a starting point to accepting childhood experiences.
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Why Work With Me

I’m a parent

I’m a parent to two daughters, and step-parent to another.

I understand how rewarding, impactful and challenging parenting is!

I’m Qualified

I’m a qualified primary school teacher working with children and parents for over 20 years. I am also a Certified Peaceful Parent Instructor and trauma-informed.

I Offer Flexibility

I know that as a parent your time is so valuable, and often scarce!

This is why I offer 1:1 coaching at a time to suit you, or online courses you can complete at your own pace.

I Offer Value For Money

Coaching can be expensive, but cost shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing support to improve family life. This is reflected in my fees and the different ways you can work with me.

Tailored Coaching To
Meet Your Goals And Needs


It is completely up to you what we focus on in our coaching sessions. Generic strategies, focused problem-solving or letting go of stress and guilt. I don’t have a “one size fits all” approach because everyone is an individual.


Coaching usually happens via video chat to make it as convenient as possible for busy parents. You will have access to my calendar to schedule and edit your own appointments.


Every coaching relationship is different; you might want your coaching sessions weekly, or once a month might work better for you. I’m here to make coaching fit in with your life, not the other way around.


As well as being certified as a Peaceful Parent Instructor, my own education on parenting strategies and child development is ongoing. You can be confident that the coaching you are receiving is based on the most current research.

What I offer…

Online Courses

1:1 Coaching


Ready To Achieve
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