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One-to-one Coaching

Peaceful parent coaching gives those caring for a child a safe space to talk through issues they are currently facing and which are impacting on family life.

Most often these are behavioural and parents want to find a peaceful solution, so they look to the guidance of a coach.

Peaceful parent coaching enables parents and carers to develop tools for every parenting situation, and also respecting the needs of both the adult and the child.

Coaching packages include an initial 15 minute discovery call and four coaching sessions for 45 minutes each. Relevant resources will be sent via email after each session.

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Frequently Asked

Parent coaching, despite the name, is for anyone who is caring for a child.

You might be a grandparent, foster parent, aunt, step-parent, uncle, on the road on to adoption or thinking about starting a family. Anyone who has (or plans to have) a caregiving role in a child’s life can benefit.

Yes! I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who works with children (no matter their role) can absolutely benefit from bringing the principles of peaceful parenting into their practice. 


Having worked a teacher I can definitely see where peaceful parenting could have made a huge difference to many children I taught.

Honestly, this is a good question! First off, I want you to know that I am not a perfect parent (there’s no such thing). I’m human and I make mistakes.


It’s also important to know that coaching is not about telling anyone what to do, but rather working together to develop tools to be used in any situation.


As for my qualifications and experience, please have a look at my ‘about’ page.

Think of it this way; anyone can learn to ride a bike. Instinctively, we know how to balance, but we are probably wobbly to begin with. We might be scared of falling because past experience has taught us that it hurts! Our skills improve over time.



However, if you want to become an Olympic cycling champion then you need coaching. You need to set time aside to focus only on cycling, with a coach who will help you to improve.

We can schedule some more! Although my basic package is four sessions, we absolutely can work together for longer than that. Working together might start to make a difference for an initial issue, and then we might find that others arise. 


Also, some parents like to schedule a regular check-in with me for some months after our coaching has finished.

I don’t believe that finances should be a barrier to improving family life and I am happy to provide payment options if this would help, so please do get in touch.


Alternatively, online courses cost less than bespoke one-to-one coaching and will help you to make positive changes in your family.

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